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Когти для лазания по деревьям

Американский морской пехотинец демонстрирует снаряжение японского снайпера:

“MARINE DEMONSTRATES JAP SNIPER OUTFIT---- This U.S. Marine on Guadalcanal quickly climbs a coconut palm tree, clad in a Japanese sniper’s outfit. Leathernecks in the Solomons battle area soon learned that the Nips dressed their snipers in fur suits which blended with the scenery. On their feet were shoes with spikes on the sides, which work very much like the shoes our telephone climbers use in the U.S.A. Marines used the captured suits to good advantage.”

Американские снайперы:

Marine sniper ascending a tree on Guadalcanal during World War II

Two snipers of the U.S> Army’s 296th Infantry Regiment edge up tall palm trees with the aid of pole climbers during a training exercise in Puerto Rico in March 1943. Concealing themselves among the fronds of a palm tree was a favorite tactic of Japanese snipers.

Американские и японские когти для лазания по деревьям:

Американские когти для лазания по деревьям:

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