May 13th, 2020


Воздушный бой

On September 19, 1937, four Chinese Curtiss Hawk planes led by Captain Chen Qigang encountered eight Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-1 bombers escorted by seven Kawasaki Ki-10 fighter planes near the north Chinese city of Taiyuan. The odds were uneven, and one Chinese pilot had to return to base after having his plane shot up, while two other were downed by the Japanese adversary. Only Chen Qigang was left to fight and managed to shoot down a Japanese biplane. The Japanese pilot landed safely on the ground but was surrounded and killed by Chinese civilians. Chen Qigang was badly injured and his engine was hit, forcing him to make an emergency landing. He was saved by teachers and students of a girls' college and sent to a hospital nearby. He survived the war, later emigrated to Canada and died in 1998.